Project Toy Drop

Project Toy Drop events foster a positive relationship between the children and the communities where they live

Project Toy DropProject Toy Drop® travels the country creating miles of smiles, gifting new toys, games, clothing, and other much-needed items to deserving children ages 3-16 who are either kids of American service men and women, or at-risk youth. Military children experience many stresses, from frequent moves to missing and worrying about a parent who is deployed so far away. To show our appreciation for the sacrifices military families make for our freedom and keeping our nation safe, we’ve created these special events of togetherness, unifying families dealing with the same challenges, and bringing them a boost of hope and happiness. Children are so close to our hearts, and they all deserve a bright future. Project Toy Drop also inspires at-risk kids who are facing significant challenges such as homelessness, abuse, neglect, abandonment, and physical or mental challenges. We work with mayors, sheriffs, and other city officials, bringing the community together and nurturing positive relationships between youth and city role models including community leaders, fire fighters and law enforcement. For both military children and at-risk youth, this program celebrates unity, promotes positivity, and brings support at a time in their lives when they need it most.