Diary of a Wish Kid

12-year old Connor shares his Kids Wish Network NYC Wish.

Arrival: I was very impressed about the Conrad hotel. It had very nice staff members and service. It also was very nice. The flight coming to Laguardia airport was also nice. I got to take a picture with all of the staff on the plane.

1st day, Wednesday:

1st visit- American Museum of Natural History

The museum was really cool…
My family visited the following exhibits- Senses, and dark universe

Senses– Sense was about your brain, eyes, and ears. I learned a few things while at this exhibit.

Dark universe- The dark universe is a 3d movie about outer space. It was located in the dome of the Museum. I also learned a few things about outer space too.

2nd visit- The Palm West Side

The Palm was a very awesome and nice restaurant… the waiter was very nice. He even gave me something I didn’t ask for…! A chocolate cake! I had a bone in ribeye for dinner and it was really good!

3rd visit- Serendipity 3

When I went to Serendipity 3, my family and I got frozen hot chocolate. It is basically a giant cup with a slushie but chocolate and also with whip cream.

Day 2, Thursday-

1st visit- 9/11 Tribute Museum

At the 9/11 Tribute Museum the staff was very nice. My tour guide let me held the bag full of pictures. He explained everything very well, and also had lots of courage to tell a story about his son dying in tower 2 on 9/11/2001. There was even things from 9/11 there which was really cool. They also gave me some memorabilia items for a gift.   I got a pen, a pencil, a pin, a book, and a picture. I think I took a picture with my tour guide.












2nd visit- One Dine restaurant @ the One World Observatory (lunch)

At the One World Observatory the waiter and manager was really nice. We got a perfect view to! We could see New York and New Jersey from the 105th floor of the One World Trade Center! They also gave us a very nice book along with a scarf and a stuffed animal owl for me and my sister! The food was very good, I had a burger. I took a picture with the manager.

3rd Visit- 9/11 Memorial/Ground Zero

The 9/11 memorial/Ground Zero was amazing. I took a lot of pictures of things. Even though I wasn’t born when it happened, I cried. I thought to myself… “Why would anyone do such a thing. It all started to make sense to me. I loved all of the exhibits from 9/11. They even had plane parts and things from all of the attacks, not just the WTC one.

4th Visit: The Capital Grille

The Capital grill had amazing food and good service.  This night I choose lobster.  That was really good. I love good foods!

Day 3, Friday-

Pier A Harbor House (Lunch)-

Pier A Harbor House had amazing staff members. I met the manager who has Epilepsy just like me! (: My server/waiter Anthony Malone was very nice. My sister and I tried fresh oysters from the oyster bar for the first time. My sister and I were able to feed the pigeons and seagulls outside on the dock. We also got to see the Statue of Liberty from the dock. I had 2 pretzels (that I shared!), oysters (that I shared!) and 2 fish tacos. I took a picture with both the manager and waiter/server.

Thank you Kids Wish Network and the donors again for this wonderful wish.  You and all of the donors did an amazing job for me.  I was able to live out a dream that I have had for a long time and thankfully did not think about my medical issues and focused on the good sake of the trip.

Sincerely, Connor Anderson


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