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Guest blog by Lisa, mother to Wish Kids Jacob and Kasey

Excerpt from: Dreams do come true
Feb. 5, 2013

For years, my two children have been dreaming about their wishes. Both our children have cystic fibrosis, a life-shortening genetic disease that primarily affects the lungs. Our children knew that people with serious medical conditions could make a wish and it would be granted. Over the years, they have dreamed about trips to fun places, buying crazy things, meeting Barney, Sponge Bob, Hannah Montana, and the list goes on.

Just knowing that they had a wish helped them cope over the years. I would hear comments like, “Mommy, having CF is hard but at least I get my wish someday.” My eyes would fill with tears and I’d think, “Yes, thank heavens we have a wish to help you, and me, look on the bright side of all of this.”

When Jacob turned 12, he decided that he was ready for his wish. Of course, Kasey, age 10, was not to be left out, so she was ready for her wish as well. We filled out the proper forms and paperwork including doctor’s signatures verifying the life-threatening nature of cystic fibrosis and sent it off.

Imagine my surprise when I received……a reject letter! My children were “too healthy” to have a wish. Now, as a mom, I was in a real quandary. My children have a very serious illness with the life-expectancy, currently, being 37 years of age. Their health status could change at any time, quickly. And all of their lives, my children had been dreaming of, and getting hope from, their wishes. Here I was, with two children with CF, who really needed a little hope; a bright spot.

Enter Kids Wish Network; I did some research online and found an organization that grants wishes to children with life-threatening illness but doesn’t require them to be “imminently terminal.” As a mom, I am very grateful to Kids Wish Network for making our wishes come true. Both our kids’ wishes were granted and they were over-the-top, better than expected, and dreams of a lifetime……

Excerpt from: The Seattle Seahawks are great at more than just football
Jan. 25, 2015

With the Seattle Seahawks going to Super Bowl XLVIII, it’s a good time to share our personal experience with the Hawks.

My son wanted more than anything to meet the Seattle Seahawks and, especially, his hero Marshawn Lynch. Kids Wish Network made his dreams come true.

They put together an absolutely fabulous wish weekend which started with a visit to VMAC (the Seahawks training center) and ended with a pre-game visit to the field and great seats for a game against the Bengals. Jacob was in football heaven, as were the rest of us! A close encounter with the Seagals made the day complete for Jacob. (Read about his wish in detail here: https://www.kidswishnetwork.org/2011/11/kids-wish-network-and-seahawks-grant-special-wish-to-bellevue-boy/)

The Seahawks have come a long way since that game in 2011 when they lost to the Bengals 12-34. They have worked hard and persevered, just as my own two kids must in order to stay alive. The Hawks are a different team now, but even when they are on top, they are compassionate, kind, and real. Go Hawks!

– Lisa

Read the full blogs at: http://blog.pcwhi.com/wishes-do-come-true/ and http://blog.pcwhi.com/seattle-seahawks-great-just-football/

KWN will have updates on Jacob and his sister Kasey soon.

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