Amina’s Disney Dream Becomes a Reality

Amina with Anna and Elsa

“Amina made unforgettable memories”

Diagnosed with cortical dysplasia, a condition that occurs when the top layer of the brain doesn’t form correctly, Wish Kid Amina started suffering from seizures immediately after birth. In an attempt to stop the seizures, doctors were forced to remove part of the right side of Amina’s brain when she was just 3 months old. Eighteen days later, doctors removed a portion from the left side as well.

Neither surgery was successful in stopping Amina’s seizures; she still suffered from 100 each day. Doctors then removed the entire right side of her brain and placed a shunt to drain the built-up fluid. In order to control Amina’s seizures, she suffered through a total of 20 surgeries. Thankfully, the surgeries worked, and the number of seizures dropped drastically.

Amina still faces many challenges. She is almost blind and deals with paralysis on her left side. She is treated with seizure medication and has CAT scans frequently. She still suffers from seizures, but they don’t affect her physically nearly as much as before.

Amina Bday photo

For her wish, KWN made Amina’s biggest dream come true when she got to visit the “happiest place on Earth!” KWN sent Amina and her family to Disneyland and other California theme parks so she could meet some Disney characters and princesses.

“Getting to meet Anna and Elsa made her wish come true,” recalls Amina’s mom. “We made unforgettable memories.”

Amina loved visiting Disneyland, Disney California Adventure Park, and Knott’s Berry Farm; she even celebrated her 7th birthday on her wish trip.

KWN would like to thank all the generous Guardian Angel sponsors who helped make Amina’s wish a reality:
• Anaheim Plaza Hotel & Suites
• Compassion Partners Program
• Knott’s Berry Farm
• Rainforest Café
• Mimi’s Café
• Chili’s Grill & Bar
• VFW Post 6213

Amina continues to battle her life-threatening illness with a smile on her face. She enjoys going to school, playing with her friends and go shopping with her family.

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