Magical Wish Trip for a Miraculous Wish Kid

“Claudia was so excited to meet Mr. SquarePants”

Wish Kid Claudia’s medical journey is nothing but miraculous. At just 4 months old, Claudia fell into cardiac arrest and was diagnosed with severe dilated cardiomyopathy. With just days to live, a surgeon performed an experimental surgery that gave her enough time to await a heart transplant.

Unfortunately, Claudia suffered two grand mal seizures during the operation and was placed on a ventilator for over two months. Claudia received her first heart in 1997 but experienced 10 full-blown rejections. After seven years, doctors pronounced this heart, too, was failing. Claudia spent the next five months in the ICU awaiting another heart. Thankfully, this one is a better match.

Claudia has adjusted tremendously to her condition and does her best to maintain her health. She becomes fatigued easily but definitely didn’t let that stop her from enjoying her wish trip.

Claudia had a wonderful time on her wish and loved visiting Disneyland and Universal Studios where she got to meet a lot of her favorite characters.

Wish Kid Claudia

“Claudia was so excited to meet Mr. SquarePants at Universal Studios,” recalls her mom. “And meeting Mickey and Minnie Mouse made her day. Thanks so much!”

Claudia and her family said all their Wish sponsors were great and extra kind to them. Kids Wish Network would like to send them a big thank-you for making Claudia’s visit so special:
• Compassion Partners Program
• Universal Studios Hollywood
• Bubba Gump Shrimp Co.
• Rainforest Café
• American Legion Post 106


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