Princess Lianna meets Princess Cinderella

Lianna with Cinderella

This was truly magical for Lianna

In 2011, Lianna suffered her first seizure that lasted a full five minutes. After a specialty doctor performed multiple tests, Lianna was diagnosed with epilepsy, a life-threatening brain disorder characterized by recurrent seizures. She was started on medication to treat her condition but still suffered from dangerously long seizures. Lianna has anywhere from 6 to 10 seizures a week and needs to have her treatment plan redesigned after every growth spurt.

Lianna suffered from severe short-term memory loss after her first seizure and continues to work on regaining that skill. Because of her frequent seizures, activities like riding a bike are extremely dangerous for Lianna. She also cannot be left alone. Her family hopes that as she gets older, and her medication doses are increased, she might one day be seizure free.

Despite her daily struggles, Lianna is a sweet and caring young lady who loves to play dress up and take care of younger children. Like most girls her age, she loves the Disney Princesses, especially Cinderella. Lianna’s biggest dream was to meet Cinderella in person, a wish that KWN was happy to grant.

Kids Wish Network granted Lianna’s ultimate wish to visit Cinderella’s castle and meet the princess in Disney World. She and her family enjoyed luxury accommodations, extra special dinners, and all the magic of the parks.

Lianna’s hotel, the Westgate Resort, went above-and-beyond to include their spa and give Lianna a princess makeover complete with her own Cinderella gown. After the makeover, Lianna was more than ready to meet her favorite princess.

“This was truly magical for Lianna,” said her mother. “Thank you Kids Wish Network for making her wish come true.”

Thank you to all of Lianna’s Guardian Angel sponsors who helped make her dream possible:

  • Westgate Resort and Spa
  • Jillycakes
  • T-Rex Café
  • Hard Rock Café
  • Enterprise Rent-A-Car
  • Compassion Partners Program
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