Josie – Hero of the Year

“Josie is one determined little girl”

Meet Josie; this 8-year-old is an incredible example of a Hero of the Year. She is more than deserving of this award, and KWN, along with Beaumont Children’s Hospital, is honored to recognize her determination.

Josie was born with Apert syndrome, a congenital disorder characterized by malformations of the skull, face, hands and feet. The craniofacial disorder caused the bones in her head to become fused; her fingers and toes were also fused together and she suffered from hip dysplasia.

So far, Josie has endured more than 14 surgeries in her 8 years of life. The little girl has had two cranial vault remodeling surgeries, one for her cleft palate, seven hand surgeries to redefine her fingers, three for her hips, and most recently, a mid-face distraction surgery. For most of her procedures, Josie usually spends about four days in the hospital each time; this most recent stay was over a week.

“Josie is funny, silly and loving,” says Michelle, Josie’s nominating child life specialist from Beaumont. “She had undergone several major craniofacial surgeries, and her resilience and courage though all of them is remarkable. She is one determined little girl, and that determination will take her far in life.”

Congratulations Josie!


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