Amy’s and Yixi’s Princess Playground

“It’s so wonderful to see a smile on the girls’ faces”

Wish Kids and sisters Amy and Yixi were both born in China was the same life-threatening illness. The two girls were diagnosed as infants with Down syndrome, a genetic condition that causes delays in the way a child develops, both physically and mentally, and can result in serious health complications. Luckily, both little girls were adopted into the same loving family and have begun to thrive, although they still face daily struggles.

Amy, the older sister, suffered a severe seizure as an infant and was almost pronounced dead at the hospital. She miraculously fought the odds and pulled through, but faces eye complications and speech impairment as a result of her condition.

Yixi, the younger sister, was adopted at age 2 weighing only 14 pounds. She was diagnosed with failure to thrive, a complicated life-threatening condition where a child doesn’t receive or is unable to take in, retain, or utilize the calories needed to grow as expected. Since her adoption, Yixi has learned to eat solid foods and is able to walk. She still faces issues with her eyes, speech impairment and a heart murmur resulting from Down syndrome.

Both of the sisters love to play dress up, watch Disney’s “Frozen” and play outside. They’re always together and even wanted the same thing for their wish. Their eyes sparkled and a huge smile formed on each of their faces when the idea of their own personal playground was presented.

To make Amy’s and Yixi’s dream come true, Kids Wish Network worked with the local Home Depot to build a playground for the girls. A volunteer team worked the full day so the girls could be surprised with a new playground.

Wearing matching princess dresses and tiaras, the girls ran with excitement towards their wish the next day. Princess Entails had Anna and Elsa, from Disney’s “Frozen” in attendance, and Santa Claus even made a visit. The girls spent the next few hours with permanent smiles on their faces while climbing and swinging on their new playground.

“It was so wonderful to see everything that everybody pitched in on in order to put a smile on the girls’ face,” adds Amy’s and Yixi’s mom. “We’re just thankful for everyone who came together and made this so exciting for the girls. And thank-you to the Kids Wish Network.”

“Seeing their smiles make it all worthwhile,” said Ed from Team Home Depot.

Kids Wish Network would like to thank all the generous Guardian Angel sponsors who helped make this wish possible:

  • Home Depot in Springfield, MO
  • Princess Entails
  • Casey’s Carry Out Pizza
  • Chappy’s Deli


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You can see video of the girls’ dream come true on the links below:


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