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“Jack’s lab results indicated kidney failure”

During the summer of 2013, Jack started experiencing severe abdominal pain and doctors performed an appendectomy, expecting him to quickly recover. When Jack’s symptoms didn’t improve, his doctors ran more detailed tests.

Jack was then diagnosed with hemolytic uremic syndrome, an anemia caused by the destruction of the red blood cells that leads to acute kidney failure. During his hospitalization, Jack received two rounds of dialysis and multiple blood transfusions. Jack had several days of critical lab results indicating kidney failure and severe anemia.

Thankfully, Jack’s treatment in the hospital improved his condition quickly. He underwent one more blood transfusion at an outpatient facility and had his labs checked regularly. Jack’s condition stabilized, and he was able to enjoy his fantastic wish trip to Florida’s beautiful Sanibel Island.

Like the ideal Florida vacation, the Britt family stayed right on the beach at the luxurious Sanibel Siesta on the Beach, tasted fresh local cuisines, and participated in all the exciting beach activities. Jack’s number one goal of his wish trip was to snorkel, and with the help of Guardian Angel sponsor Adventures in Paradise, “Captain” Jack got a full day of seashell snorkeling where they even let him drive the boat.

“My favorite part of the trip was the snorkeling,” recalls Jack. “We found seashells and then I got to drive the boat to the other side of the island where we saw tiny crabs and fish. It was all really cool. Thank you so much.”

Jack is currently doing well. He treats his condition with iron pills and gets regular check-ups. He’s looking forward to starting football again at school this fall.

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Name: Jack
Age: 11
State: OK
Illness: Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome (HUS)
Wish: Florida Beach Vacation
Wish Category: Travel


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