Wish Kid’s Upcoming Adventure Abounds

Last year Kyleigh received some very alarming news. Doctors discovered a hole in her heart, brought on by endocarditis, an infection of the inner lining of the heart’s chambers and heart valves. She was diagnosed with aortic valve regurgitation, a condition that occurs when the heart’s aortic valve doesn’t close tightly. Her left ventricle was enlarged, causing pain, pressure, lightheadness and shortness of breath. It was all a big adjustment for Kyleigh who thrives on living an active lifestyle with gymnastics, skateboarding, MMA and Irish dancing. She underwent open-heart surgery, and will need additional surgeries, and lifelong cardiology care.

More than anything, Kyleigh dreamed about traveling to an exotic paradise or a lively city. Kids Wish Network, a children’s charity that grants wishes for kids with life-threatening illnesses, purchased her a generous gift card to Hotels.com, and an airline gift card for her family’s airfare. Kyleigh is so excited to venture somewhere new and explore the destination of her dreams.

“Kyleigh will now get to experience the wonders of an adventure that she was previously only able to imagine,” said her Wish Coordinator Kim Kreiner.