Wish Kid Mixes it Up at Steve ‘Aoki’s Playhouse’

Jamar has big dreams about being a DJ when he grows up, prompting his mom to get him a small turntable and microphone for his 6th birthday. Music elevates his world, and is an uplifting distraction from the stresses of his life-threatening illness. When he’s working the turntable, he transforms into DJ Masterpiece! Kids Wish Network, a children’s charity that grants wishes for kids with life-threatening illnesses, amped up Jamar’s playtime, mixing it up with renowned electro house DJ, record producer and music executive Steve Aoki.

Kids Wish Network flew Jamar and his family to Vegas after a personal invite from Steve Aoki to visit his home “Aoki’s Playhouse” for a playdate at the ultimate DJ spinning playground. They received a private tour of the whimsical and gallery-esque mansion, including the scenic deck that overlooks the playful swimming pool with Aoki’s signature silhouette on the bottom. Inside the home, Jamar gravitated toward the grand black Steinway where Aoki spent time guiding Jamar, turning into an impromptu collaboration. “Seeing them play the piano together was a beautiful moment,” said his mom Shekia. Later the tempo quickened with pulse pumping action when Jamar experienced some of his own “Aoki jumps” in the gymnastic-style home gym, bouncing on the expansive floor trampoline and into the massive foam pit.

Gifts were also memorable… Jamar and Aoki signed each other’s custom matching DJ Masterpiece shirts, and Aoki gifted Jamar’s entire family his own Aoki t-shirts. Kids Wish Network also gifted Aoki Prima’s Sweet Shop cake pops that masterfully resembled him wearing his headphones along with miniature replicas of his smash cakes.

During the wish, The Mirage treated Jamar’s family like high rollers, covering all costs for accommodations and meals. Luxury Limousines of Las Vegas enabled Jamar to be a DJ at his own party, choosing the music to entertain his family during his stylish chauffeured ride to Aoki’s home.

Kids Wish Network Executive Director Tam Lai said, “A very special thank you to Steve Aoki for graciously inviting us into your home, for your hospitality, and kindness in taking time out of your day to inspire Jamar.”

After the wish, Aoki’s thoughtfulness continued… he had a big and meaningful surprise for Jamar to encourage his love of music and bring him ongoing happiness

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Steve Aoki

Steve Aoki, the two-time Grammy-nominated producer/DJ is one of today’s most successful American cross-genre artists, collectively counting 2.8 billion music streams on Spotify. As the founder of the trendsetting record label, events/lifestyle company, and apparel line Dim Mak Records, which he founded in 1996, Aoki has helped launch the careers of global acts like The…

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  1. admin

    Our favorite memory of the trip was everything about it from the beginning. Jamar ate Chick-fil-a for the first time, he took pictures with the pilot on the plane as it was his first time to ever get on a plane, and when we got to the hotel, it was beautiful. Jamar’s favorite parts were the curtains that moved with a switch and the tub which he called a hot tub. We got to meet Tam and Tambra from the Kids Wish Network, and the cake pops where beautifully designed for Jamar and Steve. The Limo bus ride was amazing as well as the driver who took pictures with Jamar and allowed him to DJ. He also gave him a tour of Las Vegas before taking us to the big stop (Steve’s house). When we arrived at Steve’s house, Martin was very very nice and played right along with the plan to surprise Jamar. He was really cool and we all appreciated him and the fact that he tried to hide whose house it really was when Jamar saw Steve’s picture and assumed it was his house.

    Steve came from behind us, and Jamar was shy at first. Then he just walked around and started touching everything in the house making me and the ladies (Tam and Tambra) very nervous, while Steve and Martin said he was fine. Steve went above and beyond to allow not only Jamar, but his brother to have the best time. I mean come on, who will really let a six year old play their grand piano?

    They also played in his famous playroom, it was amazing. A great time and Steve’s mom was very beautiful and a very nice woman. I don’t think I can ever thank everyone enough for everything. We ate well the whole time there, and didn’t have to pay for anything. And now that we’ve gotten home the gifts are still coming. Steve sent Jamar a new keyboard with online lessons, and the Kids Wish Network has sent even more things to Jamar. Now Jamar believes he’s famous now that he has been featured on the local news a few times and his wish has made it to TMZ a few times. From our family to you all, thank you so much and be on the lookout for DJ Masterpiece.

    (Jamar) “Thanks to Steve I’m famous, he let me in his foam pit and play his piano.”

    Thank you so much everyone!!!
    Love the Woods family, happy holidays.