Wish Kid Maddie Gets a Brand New Apple MacBook Air Laptop Computer

When it seems like your child is constantly fatigued, and her thirst becomes unquenchable, attentive parents know it’s time for a doctor’s visit. Wish Kid Sara, who prefers her middle name “Maddie”, displayed these very symptoms at an alarmingly young age. Mom’s concern was justified as Maddie’s blood sugar levels were off the charts, necessitating a three-day stay in their local hospital where the family got a crash course on providing care for young Maddie who had just been diagnosed with pre-metabolic disorder. During the first year following her diagnosis, Maddie required insulin injections as many as five times a day just to keep her blood sugar levels consistent. To make treatment simpler, Maddie is now on an insulin pump that provides carefully regulated insulin doses.

Just like a typical teenager, Maddie enjoys shopping and watching movies. Because she has personally experienced a significant medical condition, she now wants to share her insight and is considering becoming a pediatrician one day. Considering she loves school, is in honors classes, and is participating in the occupational health club at her school, she seems well on her way to achieving her goal.

Kids Wish Network wanted to make Maddie’s dream come true with her very own MacBook laptop so she can have the best technology available for her academic future. Kids Wish Network partnered with Maddie’s hometown Walmart store #730 in Sylacuaga, Alabama, to give Maddie an Apple MacBook Air laptop computer. Maddie’s mother, Julia had thought that the family was just going to pick up the computer and have some refreshments, but no, Walmart had the entire break room set up and waiting for them with refreshments and cake.

“A lot of employees came in and congratulated Maddie on her wish and spent some quality time talking with her, which made her feel very special,” Julia stated.
The wish didn’t end there. That same day, Maddie and her family headed to Desoto Caverns in Childersburg, Alabama, for some amazing underground scenery at “Alabama’s Big Cave.” Julia talked about how the whole family really enjoyed going through the tour of the caverns. Later that same evening, Maddie and her family “kicked back” and enjoyed some amazing “grub” at the always fun and friendly, JR’s Sports Bar & Grill.

Maddie and her family were so thrilled and grateful that her forever wish was granted by Kids Wish Network and that she received the MacBook laptop she always wanted. According to mom, Maddie went straight home after all the excitement of her wish and tried out her new computer. Maddie talked about her wish experience with excitement saying, “It may take awhile to get it all figured out, but I love my new computer!”