Wish Kid Luke’s Wish For a Brand New iPad Comes True

“This was something he never thought a possibility”

During a routine six-month wellness check up for their baby boy, Luke’s parents got the shock of their lives. The pediatrician found a lump in Luke’s abdomen. Further testing revealed that he had a large tumor on his liver, and a biopsy confirmed it was cancerous. The doctors classified the tumor as stage III Hepatoblastoma, a type of liver cancer affecting children younger than three. In this case, two to three sections of the liver’s tissues contained cancerous cells. Luke began chemotherapy treatments as his parents watched in helpless agony. While the anti-cancer drugs attempted to shrink his tumor, Luke’s uncle courageously stepped in to give his nephew 30% of his own liver. Thankfully, Luke’s body accepted the donated portion of healthy liver. Today, Luke still must visit the oncologist once a year, see the transplant doctors every six months, and have blood work done every two months, but is showing signs of improvement. Luke is very outgoing and loves making new friends. He is a proud Cub Scout and recently developed an interest in martial arts such as taekwondo and kung fu. Luke loves to spend his free time on various types of electronics.

Kids Wish Network wanted to grant Luke’s wish for new electronics. Many generous donors and sponsors worked with Kids Wish Network to make Luke’s dream a reality.

Kids Wish Network partnered with Wal-Mart Giving in both Dulles and Chantilly, Virginia to give Luke his very own Apple iPad with a protective cover. To add some fun to the wish, Kids Wish Network sent Luke on a scavenger hunt at the International Spy Museum in Washington DC where the employees made a sign for him that read, “Welcome Agent Luke.” After solving the clues and finding his iPad, Luke headed to the National Museum of Natural History where he was excited to see a real tarantula and a butterfly garden.

During their time in our nation’s capital, Luke and his family stayed at the luxurious Renaissance DC Downtown Hotel and were given complimentary breakfast at the Hotel’s Fifteen Squares Restaurant. The family was also provided a wonderful dinner courtesy of the elegant Carmine’s Italian Restaurant where the portions were so large that the family had to box it up. According to his mother, Luke wanted to give the delicious leftovers to the homeless.