Wish Kid Kate Met Celebrity Baker Rosanna Pansino for Her Once-in-a-lifetime Wish

During the first two months of Kate’s life she always seemed to be sick. She was given multiple antibiotics and steroids, but just couldn’t shake her illness. Between the ages of 18 months and 6 years old, Kate had as many as seven different surgeries for sinus infections, ear infections, and even had biopsies on her lungs. It wasn’t until Kate was six years old that she was officially diagnosed with Hypogammaglobulinemia; a condition that causes chronic infections due to having little or no immune system to fight off germs and infections properly.

Once diagnosed, Kate was put on a weekly infusion at the hospital which unfortunately resulted in her contracting meningitis multiple times. Her mother now administers the infusions at home, and Kate seems to be showing signs of improvement.

Despite Kate’s constant illness, her mother describes her as a real go-getter. Kate enjoys art, cooking, and watching game shows. As she gets older, she seems to have more health issues but keeps a good sense of humor, and tries to always have a positive outlook on life. To help take her mind off of her illness, Kate loves to watch her favorite bakers on YouTube and learn the best ways of baking her delicious treats.

Kids Wish Network wanted to incorporate Kate’s love for baking into a dream come true. We contacted Kate’s favorite baker, Rosanna Pansino about becoming a Wish Granter for Kate’s once-in-a-lifetime wish and the YouTube sensation was excited to help.

For her wish, Kate and her family flew from Texas to Los Angeles, to attend the West Coast’s biggest baking and pastry convention, LA Cookie Con & Sweet Show. It was there that Kate would see some of the world’s best bakers in action and meet her favorite baker, Rosanna Pansino.

Once Kate and her family arrived in the city of angles, they were picked up by the always dependable Black Car LA and taken to the luxurious JW Marriot Los Angeles L.A. LIVE and dinner Rosa Mexicano L.A. LIVE.

The next day, was the big day that Kate would meet her favorite baker, Rosanna Pansino, or “Ro,” for short. To start the big day, Kate and her family attended the LA Cookie Con and Sweet Show so Kate could meet her favorite baker. As soon as Kate and Rosanna met, the two of them hit if off immediately, giggling and talking like they had known each other for years. They posed for several fun photos that Kate will always have and cherish! In addition to talking, spending time together, and taking photos, Rosanna also presented Wish Kid Kate with a new rubber spatula to remember her special day with chef “Ro.”

Wish Kid Kate said, “Meeting Ro was the best time ever!” It is something she will never forget and something Kate’s entire family will always hold dear to their heart.

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Rosanna Pansino

Rosanna Pansino is an American YouTuber, baker, actress, singer, and author, who is of Italian, Croatian, German, and Irish ancestry. In 2010, Pansino started the cooking series Nerdy Nummies, which has become one of the most well-known baking shows on YouTube.