Wish Kid Ireland Went to Seattle for Her Once-in-a-lifetime Wish

“It was a huge stress reliever for me”

When a pre-teen, Ireland started experiencing severe abdominal pain various tests determined that she was suffering from ulcerative colitis, a disease that causes long-lasting inflammation and ulcers in the digestive tract. Ireland also developed a heart murmur and joint problems because of the inflammation. She will need inflammation reducing treatments for the rest of her life.

Ireland has a compassionate heart and a determined spirit. She loves animals and is great with kids. Her dream career is to become a sign language interpreter. In her spare time, she enjoys crooning along to the soulful lyrics of Adele. Ireland loves to stay up to date with the latest trends. She dreamed of visiting Seattle, Washington, known as one of the trendiest and most beautiful cities in the country.

Kids Wish Network granted Ireland’s dream and sent her to Seattle so she could participate in all sorts of unique activities found only in the northwest region of the United States.

Ireland landed in Seattle, often referred to as “The Emerald City”, a perfect destination to visit. The family arrived at the quaint and beautiful Cedarbrook Lodge. After settling in to the room, the family headed to McCaw Hall for Ireland’s first ever concert which featured, Lindsey Stirling, an acclaimed electric violinist, dancer, performance artist, and composer. Ireland said Lindsey’s performance spoke to her on so many levels.

On day two of her wish, Ireland began her day with her a facial and pedicure courtesy of the relaxing Spa at Cedarbrook, located inside their lodge. Once her soothing spa time was over, Ireland and her family headed out on their own for the day to explore the many wonders of The Emerald City. That evening, Ireland and her family enjoyed upscale Northern Italian cuisine at Volterra.


The third day of her wish was a day Ireland will not soon forget. The day started with boxed lunches and drinks courtesy of the always friendly and upscale Magnolia Metropolitan Market Uptown. Ireland and her family then hopped on a Kenmore Air sea plane and took off with Ireland sitting VIP in the co-pilots seat. Ireland described the Kenmore Air sea plane flight as simply “amazing”. The smooth landing brought the family right into San Juan Safaris where they went out on a breathtaking whale watching tour that included seeing orcas and sea lions.


For her final day on her wish, Ireland wanted to explore the beauty of the area even more. A 24-foot luxury bus courtesy of Tours Northwest was waiting outside of her hotel to take her and her family on an amazing ten-hour tour of glacier-clad Mt. Rainer. Ireland was blown away, “We saw beautiful waterfalls, very old trees, beautiful flowers, and much more! The tour guide Adam was amazing! He was what made the tour so special, because of his historical knowledge.”

The next day, Ireland packed up her happy memories and prepared to head back home. Thinking back on her days in Seattle while on her forever wish, Ireland explained how she felt so special and happy because she didn’t have to worry about tests and treatments or any health related things. “It was nice that I got away and didn’t have any complications. It was a huge stress reliever for me.” She said her once-in-a-lifetime wish is something she’ll always hold dear to her heart.