Wish Kid Gerardo Had the Shopping Experience of a Lifetime

Fatigue, a pale-yellow tinge to his skin and eyes, and bruising all over his body were cause for Gerardo’s parents to take him to the doctors. Various tests were conclusive of the diagnosis of acute lymphoblastic leukemia or ALL, a cancer of the blood and bone marrow. Treatment has included three years of chemotherapy and now close monitoring of his blood counts.
Typical to most teens, Gerardo enjoys hanging out with his friends, playing video games, and going to the mall. His goal is to go to college to become a doctor so he can help others. Gerardo loves to watch television and play games and dreams of one day having a TV that he can brag to friends about.

Kids Wish Network wanted to make Gerardo’s dream come true and provide him with the best television set-up that he could imagine for his gaming and entertainment experience. Kids Wish Network partnered with Gerardo’s hometown Walmart store #768 in Katy, Texas, to give Gerardo a 70- inch Vizio television, a Playstation 4 with four new games, Beats headphones, a Bluetooth radio, and even an HP Notebook.

When Gerardo and his family were picked up from their home by the always dependable West Point Lincoln and taken to Walmart for his wish, he and his family were under the impression that they were just going to pick up a new big screen television, but no. Walmart really went above and beyond. To enhance the wish experience, Walmart cleared an entire area near customer service dedicated to Gerardo, where the employees presented him with balloons, a banner saying, “Welcome Gerardo”, and a giant specially-made cake with his face on it. With the Walmart gift card he received, Gerardo was actually able to get a lot more than just a big screen television, which really made him feel special!

“I loved my wish, and I felt very grateful for all that I received from Kids Wish Network,” he said.

The wish didn’t end there. After his time at Walmart, Gerardo and his family were picked up once again by a sleek Lincoln Navigator, or as Gerardo put it, “a sweet ride,” courtesy of West Point Lincoln and were taken to the local Longhorn Steakhouse for a delicious lunch. After finishing lunch at Texas Roadhouse, West Point Lincoln drove Gerardo and his family home to conclude his once-in-a-lifetime day!