Wish Kid Ellie Is Now on Top of Her Game

At a young age, Wish Kid Ellie started having headaches on a regular basis, sometimes even lasting a few days. Since other members of her family suffer from migraines, initially they didn’t believe it was something of great concern. But after a particularly severe headache, Ellie’s mother followed her instincts and rushed her to the ER.

While at the ER, doctors were treating her as if she had another migraine, but Wish Kid Ellie’s parents pushed to have an MRI and to see a neurologist. Following two separate MRI scans, Ellie was diagnosed with medulloblastoma, the most common type of pediatric malignant primary brain tumor. Ellie was immediately taken to St. Jude for treatments, and Ellie had brain surgery to remove the tumor. Since surgery, Ellie has gone through 30 rounds of radiation and seven months of chemotherapy. Following her treatments, another scan was performed, and thankfully there were no traces of cancer.

Wish Kid Ellie’s favorite thing to do is play video games, and she was hoping to up her gaming system to what the professionals have. Her wish came true when she received a Walmart gift card, courtesy of Kids Wish Network. Ellie excitedly picked out new games for her Xbox One. “She was so excited to be able to choose such a nice gift,” said her mom Stacy. “And she was also so thrilled to get a new gaming system!”

After shopping, Wish Kid Ellie and her family dined on fabulous Italian fare at the Olive Garden. As a vegetarian, she was happy to have so many choices. Ellie said, “It was just the perfect day and I wouldn’t have changed anything about my wish!” Her mom said, “It’s also shown Ellie the value of giving to others, and how cheerful it can make a person feel when they’re down. In knowing how happy it made her, it makes her want to do something nice for others who are also going through hard times.”

A month after the wish, Ellie also received a gift box from Kids Wish Network filled with all of her favorite things. Her mom said, “Ellie was shocked because her wish had already been granted. She was so surprised and happy!”