Wish Kid Baylee Had a Big VIP Shopping Experience in Dallas

It was extremely abnormal for Baylee to appear lethargic or for her to tire easily. The once active and healthy young girl was also frequently getting sick. Blood work confirmed that Baylee was suffering from a metabolic disorder. Rapid drops in her blood sugar has also caused Baylee to suffer from seizures.

But, Baylee is a determined, kind, and outgoing girl with many friends. She loves to learn and dreams of pursuing a career in medicine so that she can help others. Her favorite subjects in school are reading and writing. Baylee is always up for a little shopping.

Kids Wish Network wanted to give Baylee a VIP experience, and Parks Mall at Arlington was more than happy to coordinate a great day of shopping at many of the mall stores.

Baylee pulled up to the Mall in style in a limo compliments of Premier Transportation Service. With nearly 20 generous merchants to visit, Baylee had quite the day. Thank goodness, she had her mother and sister to help! She finished in time to enjoy a wonderful meal at the Cheesecake Factory and a great night’s sleep at the world-class Westin Dallas Downtown.

The next day of her wish was filled with fun activities. First, she and her family had to solve a puzzle in order to “unlock” their room at The Escape Room DFW. The afternoon continued with knights, jousting, and mutton legs at the Medieval Times.