Wish Kid Alexis Has Been Troubled With Rett Syndrome Since Infancy

“But her wish trip to Disney gave her the time of her life”

As an infant, Alexis was not meeting her physical and development milestones. She was initially diagnosed as being mentally and globally delayed and then later with autism. It was a neurologist, though, that gave Alexis an all encompassing diagnosis. Genetic testing showed that she had the markers for Rett syndrome, a rare neurological and developmental disorder that causes a progressive inability to use muscles for eye and body movements and speech and occurs almost exclusively in girls. As a result of Rett syndrome, Alexis has been having seizures since she was 3 years old.

Alexis is an outgoing and playful little girl who loves stuffed animals, Barney, and being rocked to sleep in her rocking chair. Kids Wish Network wanted to give this sweet child a fun trip to Disneyworld, so we flew her and her family all the way to Orlando, Florida.

Alexis’ favorite part about her stay at the contemporary villa resort, Sheraton Vistana Resort? Playing in the its pool. If the family ever makes it back to Florida, they would “definitely stay there again”. When she first got to her room, Alexis was happily surprised to find a cake from Party Flavor Custom Cakes made to look just like her favorite dinosaur, Barney, who she later met “in person” at Disney.

Alexis’ mom was amazed at how all of the restaurants where they dined “treated the family like royalty”. They were wonderfully served by Emerils Tchoup Chop, Lakeview Restaurant, Olive Garden, and Big River Grill. Olive Garden not only gave the family a delicious dinner, but Alexis was sent home with Anna and Elsa Frozen Barbie dolls. All this and a special visit from some very recognizable princesses from one of Orlando’s best sources for character events, Once Upon a Party. Along with dinner, Big River Grill and Brewing were aware of Alexis’ love of plush animals and presented her with a stuffed Mickey Mouse and Pluto.