Wish Kid Alena Experiences the art of shopping for all her favorite things

Alena has juvenile dermatomyositis – her body’s immune system attacks blood vessels, causing skin rashes, muscle inflammation and muscle weakness. At times, Alena has become extremely lethargic and has also experienced seizures. It’s not easy avoiding triggers… the sun’s rays contribute to the symptoms of her condition. Getting sick can also cause additional complications with Alena’s health, so her family must take extra precautions. While there’s no cure for Alena’s illness, she’s on a treatment plan that enables the possibility of remission.

Alena is artistic, brave and compassionate. She loves to draw, complete puzzles, and her favorite sport is basketball. Her mother describes her as a talkative introvert. Alena loves to read – especially superhero books.

She shared that she loves art, so Kids Wish Network provided Alena with a gift card to shop for all of her favorite supplies and artsy things.