Wish Keeps Teen Connected State to State

Gustavo Cafarella suffers with complex congenital heart disease, having his first surgery at only 3 days old – there was only a small chance that he’d survive it. He’s since had additional surgeries, and with his heart weakening, he’ll soon need a heart transplant. Gustavo’s family recently moved to a new state, and he’s been missing his older brother, extended family and friends. Even though he’s going through so many challenges, he still excels in school. After another hospitalization, Kids Wish Network, a children’s charity that grants wishes for kids with life-threatening illnesses, made his dream come true, keeping him connected with loved ones. Kids Wish Network purchased Gustavo an iPad so he could FaceTime with his brother back home, and an airline gift card to reunite him with family and friends.

“We’re so happy we could enhance Gustavo’s support, making it easy for him to stay in touch with his out-of-state family and friends now and in the future,” said Kids Wish Network Executive Director Tam Lai.