Wish Girl Goes Country Living the Farm Life

MILLERSTOWN, Pa. (October 2019): Calin Monaghan enjoys being out in nature, and loves horses and farm animals. She struggles with an autoimmune condition which has been challenging emotionally and physically. Kids Wish Network, a children’s charity that grants wishes for kids with life-threatening illnesses, sent her to the country for a fun-filled farm experience.

Calin and her family arrived at Hummerhaven Farmstead to experience farm life and special moments among nature, working with animals and enjoying a simplified time of family togetherness. The farm provided accommodations in their charming Farmhouse nestled among the picturesque landscape of ponds, trees, the riding ring and barnyard. Kids Wish Network also purchased an equestrian experience with Crane’s Run Equitation who taught Calin about bonding with a horse through natural horsemanship and took her on a memorable trail ride. “My favorite parts of my wish were holding a piggy and the trail ride,” said Calin. She also had a variety of fun chores getting the full farm experience gathering eggs, feeding donkeys and goats, milking a cow, and spending time with the animals. Calin felt at home down on the farm and fell in love with the country setting. During the wish, her family also enjoyed dinner at JP’s Restaurant. After returning home, Calin reflected on her time at Hummerhaven Farmstead and said, “It was awesome! Can I go back and live there?”

“It was wonderful being together and seeing Calin so relaxed and carefree,” said her mom Monica. “She’s much happier since her wish and realizes that she can do anything.”

Kids Wish Network Executive Director Tam Lai said, “Calin’s unique farm experience was a wonderful way for her to take a break from her medical stresses and share meaningful moments with her family.”