Sydney – Hero of the Month

The Saturday before Easter, Sydney and her mother were on their way to Sydney’s father’s house so she could spend a few hours with him for Easter. Before they could reach their destination they were involved in a one car accident. Thankfully they were wearing their seat belt otherwise I may not have had the chance to meet and get to know this patient and family.

Sydney was unconscious immediately following the wreck and remained that way for 4 days. Both Sydney and her mother were brought by ambulance to our hospital were her mother was treated and admitted to an adult floor and Sydney went in for surgery due to head swelling. Sydney was diagnosed with right parietal depressed skull fracture and epidural & subdural bleeds. Following her craniotomy she was admitted to the PICU.

When I first met Sydney, she had an ICP drain, multiple lines and leads, c-collar, g-tube, was ventilated, abrasions on her right forearm and had major facial swelling and bruising. She was medically sedated for the first 4 days and during these days, her prognosis was poor. She had multiple procedures, test and transfusions performed. Lots of family and support were present in our waiting room and had started a collection of bunny rabbits and other stuffed animals. (All pink!) The first time I talked to her it was her 5th day of hospitalization. Her mother had been released 2 days ago and sat vigil at her bedside.

It has been 2 weeks since her accident and she is now able to carry a conversation, walk, slowly feed herself and is able to sit up for longer periods at a time. Sydney was transferred from our hospital to a rehab hospital 2 days ago. She will continue with her OT, PT and ST and hopefully return to school before the end of the current school year. Sydney will need to return to our hospital in a few months to undergo a second craniotomy to have the piece of skull replaced. Until then, she will have to wear a helmet to protect her head.

Sydney is our hero and I hope you decide to make her your hero as well.