Superstar Angelina on ABC Denver 7

 “She felt like a rock star”

Angelina was born with myopathy and has always wanted to be a superstar. Her condition causes her muscles to deteriorate, resulting in muscle weakness, stiffness and cramps. Angelina’s low muscle tone restricts many aspects of her life, but it didn’t stop her from appearing on ABC Denver 7 news.

Angelina always wanted to be a star, and her only wish was to be famous for a day. Kids Wish Network granted her wish by scheduling her to appear on the ABC Denver 7 news to present a live weather forecast. Before her big debut, Angelina got fancied up before her televised appearance. For the first part of her wish, Angelina had an appointment at Hollywood Hair of Fame, a hair salon specializing in glamorous hairstyles. Angelina was ecstatic about her hair makeover. Angelina decided on blue highlights and a trim. Angelina also had her nails done. The store owner made sure to make Angelina feel right at home and had a spread of Angelina’s favorite fast food restaurant Taco Bell along with a fresh veggie platter. Angelina even got to pick a playlist of her favorite music to listen to while she had her hair and nails done.


The next day, A Advantage Limousine picked up Angelina and her family at their house and chauffeured them to the news station. Upon arrival, she was greeted by a massive digital photo of herself on a billboard outside the studio. After seeing the massive picture of herself, Angelina could barely contain her excitement. Once inside the studio, Angelina met with Lisa Hidalgo the meteorologist with whom she would get to appear on air with. Before going live, Angelina practiced using the green screen and learned how to present the weather to people on TV. When her big moment came, Angelina loved every second of it. After reporting the weather for the week, Angelina ended her time on air doing the floss dance with Lisa live on air. After her moment in the limelight, Angelina and her family were chauffeured to The Cheesecake Factory for a dinner worthy of a star.

“She felt like a rock star,” said Angelina’s mom Lara. “It really gave her confidence.” 

Kids Wish Network would like to thank the following sponsors for making Angelina’s dreams become a reality:

  • Denver News ABC 7
  • A Advantage Limousine
  • Hollywood Hair of Fame
  • The Cheesecake Factory