Sibling Heroes of the Month Cora and Cayden

Cayden and his young siblings Cora and Bobby were enjoying their backyard’s wintry wonderland.  He was helping them sled down a hill as they’ve done many times before – but this time was different. The snow was icier than usual, and the sled sped down the slope past their property and onto a large ice covered pond. Four-year-old Cora and two-year-old Bobby were stranded on thin ice. Cora kept her little brother calm and in the sled while Cayden tried to get to them. The ice cracked and he fell through. Cayden was able to get himself out and alert his parents who called 911. In the middle of all the panic, Cora followed instructions and continued to keep her brother safe. Firefighters arrived and strategically rescued the siblings back to shore.

Both Cayden and Cora faced the uncertainties of a dangerous situation with bravery. Kids Wish Network is honored to award Cora and Cayden as Heroes of the Month.