Shopping Wish Gets Two Paws Up

Elizabeth loves shopping and her passion is rescuing and caring for animals. Kids Wish Network, a children’s charity that grants wishes for kids with life-threatening illnesses, purchased generous gift cards to Target so she could shop for herself and lots of essentials for her rescue animals that are her adored pets.

Elizabeth suffers from Chiari malformation, a condition where brain tissue extends into the spinal canal. She struggled with immense back pain, and had lots of testing. She underwent decompression surgery, and afterward still had headaches as well as pain in her neck from the incision. Elizabeth started rescuing dogs as a form of therapy while she was recovering. Other issues with her spine continue to cause poor balance and weakness, and the ongoing pain has affected her appetite causing rapid weight loss. “Elizabeth’s wish will enable her to shop for new clothes and continue taking care of the animals she loves so much,” said Kids Wish Network Executive Director Tam Lai.