Shopping becomes a sport for Wish Kid Peyton

When Peyton was a toddler, he had an unquenchable thirst and was losing weight. He also had flu-like symptoms and couldn’t stop vomiting. Peyton’s doctor initially thought he had the flu or strep throat, but over time, he became even worse. One night Peyton passed out and was rushed to the hospital. It was all very scary and full of unknowns… the doctors couldn’t feel a pulse and he stopped breathing – Peyton flatlined. He was flown by helicopter to a hospital 5 hours away and underwent comprehensive testing. Results revealed that Peyton had a dangerous autoimmune condition, with his blood sugar fluctuating on extreme levels. Peyton currently utilizes an insulin pump and CGM device to help control his illness. He’s also very responsible, keeping up with testing his own blood sugar levels between 10 and 15 times a day.

Peyton loves baseball, and wished for lots of sports items. Kids Wish Network gifted him a gift card so he could have a ball picking out all of his favorite baseball merchandise.