Rhys Bravely Tells His Truth and Keeps Students Safe

Rhys was starting school as a special needs kindergartner. He was apprehensive, but also so excited to go. As the year progressed, Rhys wasn’t acting like himself, and it was clear there was trouble at school. Rhys was scared to tell his parents about something that was bothering him, and up until this point, he was keeping it a secret. He told them that his special education teacher was mean and hurting him. Rhys was sent to school with a recording device, and it verified his truth. It began a very tedious process that involved the police, school, and school board, but Rhys maintained his courage in telling his story and giving statements. It was a victory, the teacher was forced to resign or face termination. When Ryhs’ mom told him the outcome, he said, “I’m glad I was brave, I know I helped keep other kids safe!” Kids Wish Network is proud to award Rhys as a Hero of the Month!