Londen’s Wish With Meteorologist Justin Stapleton Is a Rainbow After the Storm

“When my husband and I saw his report being shown on live TV, we both teared up when we saw Londen on the screen. It was the first time since the accident that we saw a glimpse into Londen’s future dream.”

What was intended to be a fun weekend getaway to celebrate Londen’s birthday, turned into a family tragedy. During the trip, a game of archery forever changed their lives. Londen ran across the archery field just as his brother was shooting an arrow. It hit Londen’s head, piercing his brain, and he was immediately life-flighted to the nearest hospital and treated in the ICU. In about a month’s time, Londen underwent 15 brain surgeries. He required stents, a feeding tube, and worked hard in physical and occupational therapies 5 days a week for 5 months to relearn basic skills that were affected by the injury. He also had to undergo angiograms, and was treated for strokes.

Londen must also take multiple medications for a variety of complications including seizures. Londen is currently in a wheelchair, blind in his left eye, and experiences weakness in his left arm and leg, making it difficult for him to move his left side. He has braces to help him stand for short periods of time, and is now beginning the process of walking again.

Through all of his hardships, Londen remains positive. He enjoys video games, the beach, science related activities – especially measuring objects, and dreams about being a meteorologist when he grows up. When Kids Wish Network learned about Londen’s career aspirations, they briskly teamed up with Houston’s KPRC Channel 2, to create the coolest wish!

With Londen being a celebrity in training, it was only fitting that he arrived in style. A luxurious and beautiful limo by Karr Limousine chauffeured Londen and his family to the KPRC Channel 2 studios. “Londen said he was riding in a big, fancy bus,” said his mom Fabiola. “He rolled the window down and felt like he was in a movie.”

At the studios, Londen and his family met meteorologist Justin Stapleton. Justin mentored Londen, taking him for a grand tour of the newsroom and weather department, showing him all of the technologies utilized to compile information for the upcoming weather forecasts. “Mr. Stapleton made Londen feel welcome and went out of his way to introduce him to everyone in the news room,” said Londen’s mom. “He stayed by Londen’s side and took the time to explain everything in a way that Londen understood. Londen says they are now good friends!” Londen mirrored his mentor in every way except one. His mom jokingly said, “He thinks it’s weird that people on TV have to wear makeup.”
“He is an amazingly brave young man,” said meteorologist Justin Stapleton. “His enthusiasm for weather percolated not only through explaining how he makes sure his family is wearing the right clothing based on the daily weather, but also in his personality. His humor radiates and lights up the faces of those around him. It was a pleasure and honor to help grant Londen’s wish.”

Londen’s mom said, “He’s always wanted to be a meteorologist, and this experience brought him confidence. He tells everyone that he now knows how to be a meteorologist and that he’s been on TV! When my husband and I saw his report being shown on live TV, we both teared up when we saw Londen on the screen. It was the first time since the accident that we saw a glimpse into Londen’s future dream.”

“Londen has taught me to focus on what makes you thankful not just for yourself and your abilities, but what you can bring to others,” said KPRC Channel 2 meteorologist Justin Stapleton. “My experience with Kids Wish Network was invaluable. It made my heart happy to be able to share some time, and more importantly, share some of my passion for meteorology with Londen.”

After Londen’s amazing day with Justin, it was time for him to celebrate his accomplishment as an honorary meteorologist. The family enjoyed a memorable and decadent dining experience at The Capital Grille. “Londen loved the macaroni and cheese, the chocolate milk that they made especially for him and being able to order two scoops of ice cream,” said his mom. “Londen said he was in a fancy restaurant!”