Liam’s Wish Transformed after Meeting Optimus Prime

“When Liam saw Optimus Prime it was all over. The boys were so happy they cried and because they cried I cried.”

Liam loves Transformers, and always wanted to visit Disney World and Universal Studios. Kids Wish Network rolled out with the Autobots to grant Liam’s wish and flew him and his family from their home in New York to Orlando, Florida for a theme park extravaganza Liam would not soon forget. On the plane Liam was surprised when a flight attendant announced that they had a special guest on board from Kids Wish Network. Liam and his family were invited to take pictures with the pilot and he even got to sit in the captain’s chair. Liam suffers from a life-threatening autoimmune disease.

Liam and his family stayed at the wonderful Sheraton Vistana Villages Resort Villas, located near the Disney parks. The hotel staff greeted Liam with balloons and a wonderful gift. After settling into their hotel, Liam and his family headed to Disney for the first day of Florida theme parks. Liam chose to go to Magic Kingdom for his first park. When Liam saw Cinderella’s Castle for the first time, he lit up with excitement. Liam rode all the rides he wanted to and even met one of his favorite characters, Buzz Lightyear. After an exciting first day, Liam and his family had a lovely dinner at The Cheesecake factory.

The next day, Liam went to Universal Studios. He met some of his favorite superheroes including Spider-Man, Wolverine and Captain America. Liam also got to meet the Velociraptor Blue from Jurassic World. He and his family rode tons of rides but Liam’s favorite part of Universal was meeting all his favorite Transformers characters. When he saw Optimus Prime, Liam took off sprinting to meet him with mom close behind. “When Liam saw Optimus Prime it was all over. The boys were so happy they cried, and because they cried I cried,” said Liam’s mom Jacqueline. After an amazing time at Universal Studios Liam and his family had a great dinner at The Hard Rock Café.

For his last day of theme park fun, Liam chose to go back to Magic Kingdom so he could ride It’s a Small World again. Liam also went on Splash Mountain, his very first rollercoaster. After a fantastic second day at Disney, he was treated to a delicious dinner at Texas Roadhouse. Liam was also gifted a big bag of toys from the restaurant. After dinner and a swim in the hotel pool, Liam and his family ended their day watching Disney movies together, the perfect ending to a perfect trip.

Kids Wish Network would like to thank the following sponsors for making Liam’s dreams become a reality:

  • Sheraton Vistana Villages Resort Villas
  • Hard Rock Café
  • Texas Roadhouse
  • The Cheesecake Factory

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  1. admin

    First of all, Thank you! This trip really was a once in a lifetime experience, Liam was able to meet all of his favourite characters and experience a magic he HAS never experienced before.

    When we arrived at Buffalo Airport, the staff with Frontier were amazing!! My husband actually works at Buffalo Airport and we were fast tracked through security and check in! It was very exciting for all of us! I had asked the ticket agents ahead of time if they were ok with me pre boarding to wash down the seats, seat belts and tray table. Liam being t1 means he is also immunocompromised and I was really worried that he would pick something up on the plane which would ruin his trip for him. Thankfully they were more then accommodating! The flight was great, Liam slept through the whole thing! MY other two on the other hand, did not! As we were landing one of the air stewardesses gave Liam a $20 and a note. Neither me or Roy saw it until after we had deplaned. The note read “Please ask mommy and Daddy if you can buy some mickey ears on me” Once we reached the gate the lady over the intercom asked if everyone would remain seated because they had a special guest on board from the Kids Wish Network and that Liam wanted the opportunity to meet the pilot. She asked us to stand and make our way to the front of the plane, while all the passengers applauded. As you can imagine that was it for me, and I burst into tears. We had a picture with the pilot and both of the big boys got to take turns sitting in the captains chair. The boys got a huge kick out of that! Liam then informed his Daddy he wants to be a pilot! (Daddys dream job) Once Baggage and car seats arrived Roy went ahead to the Car depot outside of the airport while I paced the arrivals floor with 3 kids in tow. It was late and they were tired but we had so much fun learning about the colors in the airport and what the baggage carousals do. Once we had the car and were on our way to the hotel, we picked up McDonalds for the kids, not my favourite meal choice lol but it was 11pm and they were hungry. When we arrived at the hotel, the excitement just intensified for everyone. It may have been late, but the cat nap in the car was enough for my wild little boys. The staff were amazing and the room was INCREDIBLE! We have never stayed anywhere that was quite as remarkable as that hotel! They had balloons and a wonderful gift for Liam to enjoy! It was past midnight at this point and I knew if the boys didn’t go to bed immediately then day one of Disney would be quite interesting lol we all slept soundly.

    Day 1)

    When we woke up the boys were so ready to go down to the pool. It was almost like they had forgotten all about Disney lol that wasn’t stopping this momma from getting them excited again. When we arrived and saw the gates for the first time (this was a first time for all of us) the kids were so excited!! Getting the tickets was seamless and they were all so wonderful with Liam. We let Liam pick whether we took the Ferry or Monorail to Disney! He picked the monorail! I had a video of the moment Liam saw the castle for the first time! He has genuine excitement and awe beaming from his face! Seeing Main street for the first time, made even my husband tear up! We watched a show on the castle stage, saw fireworks and had pictures taken. The boys rode on “Its a small world” “Pirates of the Caribbean” and go to meet a character favourite BUZZ LIGHTYEAR! However by 2pm the boys were cranky and exhausted from only sleeping for a few hours the night before. We let Liam call the shots and he asked to go back to the hotel and play in the pool. So off we went. The boys took a nap in the car which helped with their energy levels and we spent 3 hours playing in the hotel pool. It was so much fun!!

    When we arrived at the Cheesecake Factory it was very busy and a little overwhelming, but we were seated promptly and met by Benny Perez! What an incredible guy! He brought over a box filled with a hat, tshirt and teddy bear! Liam was in heaven! The staff were amazing and we were so overwhelmed by their generosity and kind gestures!! We got our pictures before we left! The meal was incredible and they even accommodated to the baby who has allergies ( I brought his own food, but they insisted they find something he could eat) We headed back to the hotel and put the kids to bed early so we were ready for Universal.

    Day 2)


    We managed to get both parks done in one day!! Liam LOVED universal! They met the superheroes and had pictures taken with Spider Man, got to see Wolverine and Captain America. The boys were so sad that Jurassic Park was closed (They are HUGE dinosaur fans) but we made it work! We still go to enjoy a dinosaur meeting with “Blue” from Jurassic World. They got a huge kick out of that! Harry Potter World was also a HUGE success!! My boys have watched those movies so many times and they already have the wands that my parents bought them last year. We did magic, we ran around and shopped at diagon alley! We rode the Hogwarts express from one park to another and once we arrived in the second Park, the boys excitement levels peaked. Across the water, Liam saw OPTIMUS PRIME, it was all over at that point, Liam and Max took off. Thank goodness Mommy is quick lol They got to meet all the transformers characters and the boys were so happy they cried! They cried so I cried. It was amazing! Shortly after we left the tranformers the kids wanted to go back to the other park and see more superheroes, unfortunately they were no longer coming out for pictures but took them to Dr Suezz Land and they rode on as many rides as they could before dinner!

    The Hard Rock was AMAZING!! The staff were incredible! The music guy came out and sat with Liam and had Liam pick all the music he wanted to hear! They brought out some gifts, for all 3 boys!! They made him whatever he wanted and surprised him with Ice cream afterwards! Their customer service was incredible!! After pictures we headed back to the hotel. In fact me and Liam and Daddy, Max and Jackson, raced back to the car. That was fun. The never ending energy my kid has is incredible. As you can imagine they slept VERY WELL!!

    Day 3)

    I let Liam decide what he wanted to do today, he had the choice of any of the parks, we narrowed it down to Hollywood studios or back to Magic Kingdom. Liam picked Magic Kingdom again because he wanted to ride “Its a small world again” I was a little sad he wouldn’t experience the other parks, but it was his wish and I let him control what he could. We rode the carousel, we walked through the castle, told him the story of cinderella. We rode “its a small world” again, “splash mountain” (Liams FIRST rollercoaster) “Pirates of the Caribbean” “swiss family robinson house” and the “magic carpets” the kids had ice cream, we met characters, we had lunch, we played and truly didn’t worry about a thing! We were so sad to leave! In fact we loved it so much, we are going to start saving now to take Liam back in 2022!

    Dinner was AMAZING! Texas roadhouse is a top favourite in our house! The kids ate everything put in front of them, the staff were amazing!! They gave Liam a bag of toys which we were so grateful for! Liam kept asking me why he was so special! Was it his birthday? My heart was so full! We had pictures taken and headed to the hotel.

    When we arrived at the hotel, I stuck my foot in the pool to find out the pool is heated!! It was cold out, but we all got in our swim stuff and ran down to the pool! We played in the pool alone for an hour. Liam went down the water flume over and over again and they had the best time. In fact when we told them it was time to head back upstairs, they were devastated.

    We all went up, got the boys warm and they all shared a bath! We then watched a movie together in mine and Roys bed from the Disney channel. PERFECT ending to a PERFECT trip!!

    Home day)

    The boys were so well behaved for us. I was able to board early, get through security fast and we had great staff on the plane! The boys left with so many goodies and they were spoilt rotten, but I wouldn’t have had it any other way!

    I honestly tried to take as many pictures as I could. I could have taken more, but I kept getting lost in the magic and then remembering that I should be taking pictures lol it was AMAZING!!

    I cannot thank the Kids Wish Network enough for everything! It was incredible. For the first time in years I had 3 days of no worry, no anxiety, no fear! I was able to enjoy every moment and experience the joy in my children. I was able to have time with Liam where I wasn’t thinking only about his t1. I was able to tell him to be a kid and to not let anything worry him.

    Disney is magic and the trip was incredible!!

    Thank you again!

    We are finishing up our thank you letters! Do you need us to write them indivually to the 3 restaurants, Sheraton and both Disney and universal? Also Kids Wish Network? We don’t want to forget anyone!!

    Thank you!!