Kids Wish Network Hoists Anchor for Bahamas Cruise for Meagan

“From the time we got to the terminal until the time we left we were treated with VIP Status.”

 Meagan was diagnosed with intractable epilepsy when she was only 13 months old. As she got older, her condition worsened. After a few years Meagan suffered through 2-10 seizures daily. Meagan must take daily medication to help reduce the symptoms and prevent more damage being done to her brain. As a direct result of her seizures, Meagan also suffers from pseudodementia, a depression-related cognitive dysfunction that causes short term memory loss and a loss of motor function.


Despite her disease, Meagan tries to see things in an optimistic light and is very open and accepting of others. Meagan likes to give back to those that are less fortunate and wants to be an actress, nurse, or a computer tech when she grows up.

Meagan has always wanted to go on a tropical cruise. Kids Wish Network helped make her dream become a reality by organizing a five-day Carnival cruise to the Bahamas included with on-shore excursions.

The first day of her wish, Meagan and her family arrived in Jacksonville, Florida to board their cruise and settle into their rooms. The next day the fun really began as the cruise arrived at the city of Freeport in The Bahamas. Megan and her family spent all day exploring the city and what it had to offer. Before heading back to the cruise ship, Meagan and her family enjoyed a fun-filled day. They experienced See & Sea National Park & Shark Junction complete with historical tours, nature walks, and a glass bottom boat tour to Shark Junction where Meagan and her family watched professional divers feed, pet, and play with wild sharks. After their aquatic excursion, Meagan and her family headed back to the cruise ship for a night of music, shows and food.

The next stop on their colorful cruise was the popular tropical city of Nassau. There Meagan and her family experienced the VIP Dolphin Swim & Beach Day excursion where they got to learn about and play with wild dolphins under the supervision of professional trainers. Meagan had a wonderful time and being able to swim and interact with dolphins was her favorite part of the trip. After her wonderful dolphin experience, Meagan and her family enjoyed a delicious grilled lunch on the beach. After their dolphin filled daydream, Meagan and her family headed back to the cruise ship for a delicious dinner and a night of activities.

After their two fun-filled days of excursions and wildlife exploration, Meagan and her family spent the last day of the cruise participating in activities on the boat and relaxing on the deck. Meagan loved every minute of the cruise and the staff truly made Meagan feel special on her wish trip.

Kids Wish Network would like to thank Carnival for helping to making Meagan’s dreams become a reality.