Kids Wish Network Helps Madison Decorate Her She Shed

“It really put a big smile on her face”

 Madison suffers from hypermobile Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, mitochondrial dysfunction, dysautonomia, as well as numerous other conditions. Her conditions cause her to pass out when her blood pressure drops, causes her joints to pop out of place which can be very painful, she bruises easily and her blood vessels are more susceptible to rupturing.

Madison loves her personal space; she even has a small she shed that she uses to escape from the stresses of life. Her shed is insulated and outfitted with air-conditioning, heat, and a television. However, Madison is always looking to improve her feminine getaway and dreamed of having the ability to completely renovate her she shed and turn it into her very own home away from home. Kids Wish Network granted her wish and provided her with a Walmart gift card to furnish her she shed. Madison was thrilled when she received her gift card and couldn’t wait to go shopping.

Madison used her gift card to buy tables for crafting, pink storage drawers, a storage cabinet, wall decals and a fun acrylic chair for her to use at her desk. Madison was ecstatic with all the new furniture. Madison even bought paint to repaint the shed her favorite colors. Madison loved her wish and couldn’t wait to spend even more time in her girls only paradise.

“It really put a big smile on her face,” said Madison’s mom Jodee. “Thank you so much for everything,” said Madison.