Kids Wish Network Helps Lauren Fix Feline Falling-out

Lauren was diagnosed with a life-threatening autoimmune disease when she was six years old. Despite her illness, Lauren likes to keep an enthusiastic attitude. Lauren loves to paint, swim, write and spend time with her cat Stella and her dog Sunny. While Lauren loves her pets, they can be a handful to train, especially her cat Stella. Lauren has always wanted to train her cat to be less wild and correct some of its behavioral problems, but she didn’t know where to start. Kids Wish Network helped train her feline friend by contacting a specialized cat trainer.

Kids Wish Network hired Daniel, a cat trainer who is also the founder of Go Cat Go. He would help Lauren further understand her cat and teach her to recognize body language that might tip Lauren off as to how her cat Stella is feeling. Not only did Daniel help Lauren better understand her cat, but he also taught Lauren different techniques to use when training her cat in case one doesn’t prove to be effective. In addition to an in person training session, Daniel also follows up with Lauren and her feline family member regularly to ensure that the training is going smoothly and to answer any questions Lauren might have.

Lauren and her mother were both thrilled about her wish. Lauren really liked learning all the different techniques that would not only help her control her cat, but build a more stable and trusting relationship between the two as well. Lauren now has all the tools to ensure that Stella is a well-behaved part of the family.

 Kids Wish Network would like to thank Go Cat Go for helping to make Lauren’s dream come true.