Kids Wish Network Helps Build a Creative Lego Getaway for Jaxson

Jaxson was diagnosed with relapsing polychondritis at the age of two, a disease that inflames and eventually deteriorates cartilage in the body. The inflammation has already affected his ears and his throat, creating a chronic cough and hampering his ability to swallow. Jaxson experiences sharp pain in his joints and ribs and the inflammation is at its worst in the evening and after Jaxson has spent extended periods of time moving around. Jaxson’s disease prevents him from playing with other kids. Unfortunately, treatments to date have not been effective in lessening the flares that Jaxson has to endure.


Jaxson loves Legos, not only does he collect as many as he can but he also loves watching Lego movies and playing Lego video games. He also loves to color and likes cars and trucks. Despite his condition Jaxson likes to play outside when he can. Jaxson’s wish was to be able to go to LEGOLAND theme park in Tampa Florida. With the help of Kids Wish Network and many other caring sponsors Jaxson’s wish came true and he got to visit LEGOLAND for the first time.

Jaxson’s wish began when he and his family traveled to Minneapolis to go to the Crayola Experience at Mall of America. There, Jaxson was able to play fun games and make his own crayons. Afterwards they stayed at the Westin, a four-star hotel in Edina Galleria before their flight to Tampa the next day. The Westin had flowers, cupcakes, Lego stuffed animals, candy, and popcorn waiting for Jaxson. The next day Jaxson and his family arrived in Florida and stayed at the Hilton in downtown Tampa. There, Jaxson was given a pirate hat for his pirate cruise on Clearwater beach. Jaxson loved his pirate hat and he was almost more excited to go on the pirate cruise than to go to LEGOLAND. The next day Jaxson’s wish came true as he and his family had their LEGOLAND experience. Jaxson got a VIP master builder tour and even got to see how individual Lego bricks were made.


Jaxson then got to build his own Lego’s to take home with him and got to see Lego dinosaurs as well. Jaxson had an epic time at LEGOLAND and afterwards he and his family were treated to a scrumptious meal at Olive Garden. The next day Jaxson and his family had a beach day and pirate cruise planned on Clearwater beach. Unfortunately, the weather was not permitting and their beach plans were rained out. Instead Jaxon and his family went to the Tampa Bay Aquarium where they had a whale of a time admiring the aquatic life. Afterwards Jaxson and his family had lunch at the Palm Pavilion on Clearwater Beach where the waitress gave Jaxson some baggies to collect shells in between the rainstorms. The next day Jaxson and his family packed up all their souvenirs and memories and flew back to their home in Duluth Minnesota.

Kids Wish Network would like to thank the following sponsors for making Jaxson’s dreams become a reality:

  • The Westin – Edina Galleria
  • Crayola Experience – The Mall of America
  • Hilton – Tampa Airport West shore
  • Olive Garden
  • Delta Airlines
  • Palm Pavilion
  • LEGOLAND – Florida
  • The Florida Aquarium