Kids Wish Network Grants Jonathans Wish for a Brand-New Gaming System

When Jonathan was only 16 months old, his parents found him rigid as a board in his crib. His parents then rushed him to the hospital where he was diagnosed with intractable epilepsy. Jonathan suffers from grand mal seizures as well as complex partial seizures. Because of his condition Jonathan has had to endure multiple surgeries and must take medication regularly.

Jonathan loves video games. His favorite thing to do is play Xbox and his favorite subject in school is computer class. Jonathan always wanted a PlayStation 4 so he could play video games online with his non-local friends. Because a lot of Jonathan’s friends don’t live near him, he doesn’t get to talk to them often. Kids Wish Network granted his wish by purchasing a PlayStation 4 system for him to use. Jonathan was delighted and incredibly excited to be able to play and talk online with his friends. Not only did Jonathan get a new gaming system, but Kids Wish Network also purchased a Wal-Mart gift card for him to use on new video games.

Jonathan bought a bunch of video games for his PlayStation 4. Jonathan loved his wish and was super excited that he is now able to play with his friends that live so far away.