Kids Wish Network Facilitates a Beautiful Bedroom Makeover for Cecilia

After 8 months of blood work, testing and more, Cecilia was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease. At first treatments seemed to be working, but it was soon discovered that Cecilia would have to have surgery. While the initial surgery was somewhat successful, Cecilia woke up the next night with extreme pain and was rushed to the hospital for emergency surgery. Cecilia continued to have complications that required multiple surgeries and spent almost an entire month in the hospital. But Cecilia didn’t let her extended stay in the hospital get her down. In between her surgeries, Cecilia organized a book and letter drive for all the other patients to participate in. She was even able to hand deliver each letter and book herself.

While Crohn’s disease makes life hard for Cecilia, she tries to remain optimistic and almost always has a smile. Cecilia likes to make other people happy and spend time with her family. Cecilia’s favorite color is purple, and she likes Disney, Spiderman, soccer, and math. Cecilia has always wanted a bedroom she could truly call her own. With her older sister moving out for college, there has never been a more perfect time. Kids Wish Network helped Cecilia with her complete bedroom makeover and made her dream room become a reality.

Cecilia’s wish started with a brand-new queen-sized box spring and mattress from Mattress Firm. She also received a beautiful nightstand from Verbargs Furniture & Design, and plush, purple chair from La-Z-Boy for lounging in. She additionally had fun personally selecting decorations and accents for her room with a generous gift card from Target. Kids Wish Network purchased a white metal bed frame from IKEA that Cecilia had been wishing for. Cecilia was delighted with her new bed, as the frame had been exactly what she wanted. When all of her gifts arrived, Cecilia wasn’t home, so there was a wonderful surprise for her when she opened the door to her room and saw all the new furniture for the first time.

Kids Wish Network would like to thank the following sponsors for making Cecilia’s dreams become a reality:

  • Target
  • Mattress Firm
  • Verbargs Furniture & Design
  • La-Z-Boy