Kids Wish Network Endows Excellent Equine Shopping Spree to Haley

Haley suffers from juvenile autoimmune polyarthritis. Even though Haley loves school, she eventually had to be homeschooled because the fatigue and pain she experienced became too much for her to bare. Haley has struggled to adjust to the rapid changes in lifestyle, but tries to maintain an upbeat attitude. Haley’s arthritis is persistent throughout her entire body, but is centralized in her hands and spine making it painful for Haley to move.


Haley is an animal lover, and she loves horses. One of her favorite things to do is go horseback riding. She even has a special horse named Argo that enables her to ride despite her arthritis. Nothing makes Haley happier than putting one foot in the stirrup, swinging her leg up and over the back of the horse and setting off at a canter. Haley wants to get a bachelor’s degree in equine science so she can work with horses, and hopes to one day own an organization that helps rescue and care for them as well. Haley also loves to read and her favorite subject in school is math.

Haley is always on the lookout for new riding gear and likes to compete with others to see who has the newest gear or prettiest horse. Haley has always wanted to buy new riding apparel and gear for both her and her horses. Kids Wish Network helped her fulfill her wish by providing Haley with a gift card to one of her favorite stores State Line Tack, a store that specializes in horse supplies and equestrian apparel. Haley had a list drawn up and carefully selected everything she wanted on her special day. Haley bought riding clothes, gloves, a cooling saddle pack, and even hoof paint so that she could paint her horse’s hooves different colors.

Haley’s favorite part of the wish was when all of her gifts arrived at her home, it seemed like there was a package in every room. At the end of the day, Haley and her family were treated to a delicious meal at Texas Roadhouse. Their waiter Bret, provided them with excellent service and the manager even gave Haley an additional gift card for her to spend on even more riding gear. A few weeks after Haley had her wish granted, she received a special surprise from SmartPak in the form of generous gift card for Haley’s shopping pleasure. The wonderful surprise even came with horse cookies for Argo as well.


Kids Wish Network would like to thank the following sponsors for making Haley’s dreams become a reality:

  • StateLineTack
  • SmartPak Equine
  • Texas Roadhouse