Kids Wish Network Blasts off With Briggs for an Out of This World Adventure at the Kennedy Space Center

Briggs was diagnosed with a life-threatening autoimmune disease when he was only 13 years old. While his disease can make life difficult, Briggs is undeterred in striving towards the things he wants. Above every other activity Briggs loves to learn: math, science, reading, writing, if it has to do with academics then Briggs is interested. Briggs loves classical music, computer games, playing the viola, and his favorite movie is a tie between Star Wars: A New Hope and Guardians of the Galaxy. Briggs hopes to work for NASA as an engineer or work as a freelance video game developer when he gets older. Briggs loves outer space, and wanted to visit the Kennedy Space Center and learn about outer space and the brave astronauts that risked their lives to unravel the mysteries of the final frontier. Briggs’ dream would come true.


Kid Wish Network flew Briggs and his mother from Georgia to Florida for his big wish. After arriving in Orlando, Briggs and his mom travelled to the Holiday inn Titusville, where they stayed for the entirety of their trip. The next day, Briggs arrived at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex to begin his outer space extravaganza.


The first attraction of the day was a tour of the Space Shuttle Atlantis, and later a trip on the Shuttle Launch Experience ride. After the initial attractions, Briggs had lunch with astronaut Bob Cenker at the Debus Conference Facility, where Bob gave a presentation about space food. After lunch, Briggs went to the Heroes and Legends portion of the visitors’ center where Briggs visited the U.S. Astronaut Hall of Fame, explored the Rocket Garden and saw rockets and other spacecraft involved in NASA’s various space programs. Seeing the Astronaut Hall of Fame really moved Briggs, as it inspired him to work hard and succeed at life no matter what his goals were. After his time at the Heroes and Legends portion of the visitor’s center, Briggs explored the rest of the park at his leisure, and enjoyed wandering around the visitor center and admiring the Saturn V rocket.

The next day, Briggs went on a Special Interest Tour of the facility. Briggs rode with a space expert guide and toured America’s Spaceport. The tour took them beyond the regular Kennedy Space Center Bus Tour, and Briggs saw the Vehicle Assembly Building, Historic Launch Complex 39 and viewed launch pads used by SpaceX and ULA up close. Briggs loved seeing the old NASA campus and how much NASA has grown since their humble beginnings. Briggs then explored the Apollo/Saturn V Center where he watched a simulation of the Apollo 8 launch and viewed real Apollo spacecraft artifacts. After exploring to his heart’s content, Briggs and his mom enjoyed lunch at the Moon Rock Café. For the remainder of the day, Briggs and his mom were free to explore the rest of the Kennedy Space Center. Briggs liked wandering around the visitor center and was even able to touch real moon rocks. Briggs’ favorite part of the wish was seeing the rocket launch. Briggs had a wonderfully enlightening time at the Kennedy Space Center and would go back in a heartbeat. Briggs loved every minute of his wish and truly felt special during his time at the Kennedy Space Center.

Kids Wish Network would like to thank the following sponsors for making Briggs’ dreams become a reality:

  • Kennedy Space Center
  • Holiday Inn Titusville – Kennedy Space Center