Joshs raw experience with John Cena

Josh was so excited to meet the wrestlers he sees on T.V.

When Josh was only 1 years old, doctors diagnosed him with Crouzon syndrome after he started displaying signs of slow activity. Crouzon syndrome is a genetic birth disorder characterized by the premature joining of certain bones of the skull during development, which affects the shape of the head and face.

After Josh’s first two surgeries, fluid began to build up on his brain, and doctors were forced to implant a shunt when he was 5. Doctors worry the shunt could potentially cause another life-threatening condition in Josh, spina bifida, so his condition is monitored closely. Treatment for his Crouzon syndrome varies depending on the severity of the disorder, but usually requires many facial surgeries throughout one’s childhood.

So far, Josh has suffered through 15 surgeries; each requiring traveling to an out-of-state specialty hospital. Unfortunately, Josh will need more surgeries in the future to correct issues caused by his disorder. He also suffers from bowel problems and loss of hearing in one ear.

Josh spends a lot of time indoors reading and playing video games. But he can be found up late at night sneaking online videos of his favorite sport: WWE wrestling. He loves watching WWE and rooting for all of his favorite wrestlers; he can’t pick just one.

For Josh’s wish, Kids Wish Network sent him and his family on an exciting New York City experience where he got to meet WWE superstar John Cena before a WWE Raw event. While waiting for John Cena to make his appearance, Josh got to meet some other WWE wrestlers and Divas as well.

Once the main man arrived, Josh shook his hand and posed for photos. John Cena talked with Josh about wrestling and autographed some CenaNation items. Before he left, John Cena made Josh promise to cheer for him during the match.

“Josh had a really great time,” recalls his mother. “He was so excited to meet all the wrestlers he sees on T.V. and get to see a live match.”

A big thanks goes out to all the sponsors who helped grant Josh’s wish:

  • WWE Raw
  • John Cena
  • Planet Hollywood
  • Hard Rock Cafe
  • The Renaissance New York Times Square