Hero of the Month Savannah inspires with grit

Savannah has cerebral palsy which primarily affects her eyes and legs, and relies on her wheelchair. She has had many procedures and surgeries throughout her life which have taken a toll on her emotionally and physically. Recently Savannah was diagnosed with PTSD and anxiety which has made school life even more difficult for her.

Despite all of her struggles, Savannah tries her best to remain strong each day, even when times are tough. She has painstakingly worked with therapists to learn how to move her feet and legs so she can eventually relearn how to walk again. She spent five weeks at Seattle Children’s Hospital working with therapists before finally being able to return home where she continues her therapy sessions to regain her mobility.

Kids Wish Network is proud to honor Savannah for her bravery and perseverance in working through so many challenges, awarding her as a Hero of the Month. Congratulations Savannah on all your hard work!