Hero of the Month Lydia

Lydia was born prematurely at 24 weeks and has a complex medical history. She was diagnosed at 4 months with Dandy-Walker syndrome, a rare group of congenital brain malformations. Since her birth, she has had a multitude of additional diagnoses and has undergone heart surgery. In her short three years of life Lydia has gone through over 30 different procedures, including numerous surgeries. She has been admitted to the hospital over 20 different times.

Despite all her hardships, Lydia remains resilient. She is almost always smiling, and her face lights up with curiosity and friendliness anytime one of her care providers enters the room. “Lydia has recently learned to give fist bumps, and if you’re lucky, she may have one for you,” said Sadie Reynolds, a certified child life specialist at CoxHealth Dee Ann White Women’s and Children’s Hospital. She nominated Lydia as a Hero for Kids Wish Network’s Hero of the Month program. Kids Wish Network is excited to award her as a Hero. Congratulations Lydia!