Hero of the Month Kyrie

Kyrie was born with hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy (HIE) that led to quadriplegia, and he also developed a seizure disorder. He did not have a heartbeat at birth, and medical staff worked tirelessly to save him. He’s been through multiple surgeries and procedures including a bilateral myringotomy to reduce pain caused by pressure build up in his ears. Despite the hardships of his hospital stays, he remains a bright and funny little boy who is playful and spreads laughter. He is learning to walk and stand with the help of a Gait Trainer and braces. He loves to jump and laugh and is working on learning all types of new skills.

Kyrie has started to learn how to talk and can now say “dada” and “mama”, and has recently learned the lyrics to his favorite song Rock which makes him grin and laugh even when he feels sad. “Kyrie’s strength and willingness to fight have served him well, and he inspires those who meet him,” said Vivian Winters, his care coordinator at Children’s Rehabilitation Services in Homewood, Alabama. She nominated Kyrie as a Hero for Kids Wish Network’s Hero of the Month program. Kids Wish Network is proud to award him as a special Hero. Congratulations Kyrie!