Hero of the Month Jackson Inspires with his Bravery

Jackson has suffered from a chronic idiopathic stomach condition his entire life and has been hospitalized over ten times. Despite numerous treatments Jackson’s condition remained a struggle. During one of his operations, his surgeons discovered he had severe peritonitis and fluid present throughout his abdomen. Jackson had to have a colostomy, and is currently working with physical therapists to increase his strength and ability to walk without assistance.

While Jackson was initially very anxious about his condition and hospital stays, he has completely changed his outlook in regards to his ability to cope with frequent hospitalizations. While he is still nervous about his procedures, Jackson utilizes different strategies to cope and give him the strength to be brave.

Jackson’s story, while full of hardship and uncertainty, is a reminder that all of life’s challenges can be used to inspire personal growth and moments of true bravery. Kids Wish Network and Prisma Health Children’s Hospital are proud to award Jackson as a Hero of the Month. “Jackson is honored to be named Hero of the Month. It really put an awesome smile on his face. I truly thank you,” said Jackson’s mom Tura.