Hero of the Month Emily

Emily has been in and out of the hospital her entire life due to a kidney condition she’s had since birth. She underwent her first operation when she was only four years old, and since then had 7 more procedures. She always goes into them with a smile, even if she’s fearful.

After complications with Emily’s most recent surgery, she became very ill and needed two more surgeries within a couple months. With the severity of her pain and recovery, she wasn’t able to attend her classes for most of the school year. Despite all her absences, she was determined to excel in school and made Principal’s List. “Emily is a bubbly, funny, and sweet girl who works hard at anything she does,” said her mom Anabel.

During her extended hospital stays, Emily practiced her artistic skills by creating amazing sketches and digital drawings. Her talents went noticed winning first place in an art competition.

We’re honored to give Emily our own award and recognize her as a Hero of the Month.