Hero of the Month Alex Inspires with Determination

Alex had to have an appendectomy during a long and painful hospital stay. Throughout his hospitalization, he had to have various surgeries and multiple procedures in order to treat his condition and manage his post-op pain. Throughout his stay, Alex’s determination was unwavering. While he was very stoic in his demeanor, he persevered and learned to better communicate his needs to hospital staff and how to use different strategies to manage his pain.

It took some time and a lot of courage for Alex to deal with the things going wrong with his body that were entirely out of his control. After his first few surgeries, he would walk slowly down the hall to his room. But as he got stronger, Alex started walking with more purpose and energy. “While he didn’t readily smile, you could see the sparkle in his eyes return as he healed,” said Lisa Gates, Alex’s Child Life Coordinator. Kids Wish Network and Munson Medical Center are proud to acknowledge Alex as a Hero of the Month. Congratulations on all your hard work!