Hannah Brings Sunshine Amid Injury Struggles

Hannah suffered a pancreatic laceration from a traumatic bicycle accident. Even though it was her first stay in a hospital, she was brave and adapted to all the uncertainties of recovery and rehab. She was challenged with procedures, a restricted diet and working through the pain of physical therapy. While it was daunting at times, she remained focused and didn’t complain. Hannah was very cooperative and remained cheerful with whatever came her way, impressing staff with her maturity, optimism and commitment to healing. Hannah also brought joy to others, making daily visits to the youth room to play the piano for patients and staff. Jeanine Wheeler, her music therapist at Covenant Children’s Hospital in Lubbock, Texas, described Hannah as sunshine, and nominated her as a Hero. Kids Wish Network is proud to award Hannah as a Hero of the Month.

According to her mom Ameri, Hannah was happy and pleasantly surprised being honored as a Hero and receiving all her gifts. She named her new teddy bear Hero B, and purchased an aquamarine (her birthstone) necklace with her gift card. She’s still deciding what else she’d like to shop for, and wants to share her gifts with friends. “Thank you for this blessing and for making my baby smile,” said her mom.