Darrol will “Never Give Up” with John Cena

“Darrol loved meeting John Cena”

When Darrol was only two weeks old, he was diagnosed with a genetic, life-threatening disease called Lesch-Nyhan syndrome. The disorder is characterized by neurological and behavioral abnormalities and the overproduction of uric acid which can cause kidney and bladder stones.

Darrol is wheelchair-bound and needs someone to take care of him at all times. He cannot dress himself, feed himself or do anything on his own. One of the most common and distinctive behavioral issues with people suffering from Lesch-Nyhan syndrome is self injury; it is unknown how the disease causes these problems.

Although Darrol has certain issues, he has no developmental delays and keeps up well in school. Unfortunately, he is usually in physical pain a lot of the time and is prone to kidney stones. No specific treatments exist for Lesch-Nyhan syndrome; certain medications treat uric acid levels but cannot improve neurological outcomes.

One thing that Darrol loves is sports, even though he has to watch from the sidelines, he enjoys watching kids play basketball and WWE wrestling. Darrol gets very excited about WWE, especially superstar John Cena. And thanks to Kids Wish Network, Darrol got to meet the wrestler on his wish right before a big event.

Darrol got to spend quality time with John Cena during the meet-and-greet where the wrestler signed autographs, posed for photos and gave Darrol some Cena swag.

“Darrol loved meeting John Cena,” recalls his father. “This was a great birthday present for him.”

Darrol celebrated his birthday the day after returning home for his wish trip!