Cowboy Camdyn Wrangled Wish

“My favorite part was watching Camdyn look at his reflection in the mirror.”

Six-year-old Camdyn loves horses, rodeos, boots and cowboy hats. It’s always been Camdyn’s dream to become a cowboy, and Kids Wish Network got out their lassos and spurs and planned out his fun-filled wish.

Kids Wish Network set Camdyn and his family up with HAV Famous Texas Boots in Spokane, Washington. When they arrived, his family met with the manager Vicki to start his special wish. Vicki arranged an entire cowboy ensemble for Camdyn complete with a cowboy hat, belt buckle and two pairs of boots. Along with a great cowboy outfit, Camdyn even received his very own lasso.

After trying on all his new clothes, Camdyn modeled for his family and Vicki. He was incredibly excited with all his new clothing. “My favorite part was watching Camdyn look at his reflection in the mirror,” said Camdyn’s mom Terina. In addition to everything Camdyn received from HAV Famous Texas Boots, he also received two personalized belts from Sattler’s Belt Barn.


After a wonderful time putting together his new cowboy outfit, Camdyn and his family were treated to a scrumptious dinner fit for a cowboy at Texas Roadhouse. They received 5-star treatment from their server and the store manager. Camdyn even received a Texas Roadhouse belt buckle and had fun line dancing with some of the servers in the restaurant. He felt like a real cowboy at Texas Roadhouse riding the mechanical horse in his cowboy outfit.


Camdyn deals with many challenges from his autoimmune disease. He loves that he can now use his imagination and live out his cowboy dreams.

Kids Wish Network would like to thank the following sponsors for making Camdyn’s dreams become a reality:

  • HAV Famous Texas Boots
  • Sattler’s Belt Barn
  • Texas Roadhouse