Broadway’s Aladdin Takes Wish Kid on Magic Carpet Ride

Alyssa loves theatre, and she’s always wanted to see a live Broadway performance. Kids Wish Network drew back the red curtain and made her dream come true by sending her on a magical trip to see Broadway’s Aladdin.

Alyssa’s family enjoyed beautiful accommodations at The Dream Midtown Hotel. Before the big Broadway show, Alyssa and her family spent the day exploring popular tourist attractions. After a leisurely day of touring the city, Alyssa and her family had a memorable meal at The Capital Grille. Then it was time for the show! Alyssa and her family saw the musical Anastasia, receiving tickets courtesy of The Dream Midtown Hotel. They were thoroughly surprised, as they only expected to see one Broadway show. Alyssa had a wonderful time and loved every second of the musical.

The next day, they went to see the hit Broadway musical, Aladdin. Alyssa had a magical time, and was even chauffeured to the theater in a luxurious limousine provided by Limo’s Long Island.

Alyssa has an autoimmune disease, and it causes her stress in her day-to-day life. Her wish was an extraordinary time when she could live out her dreams and make special memories with her family.


Kids Wish Network would like to thank the following sponsors for making Alyssa’s dreams become a reality:

  • The Dream Midtown Hotel
  • The Capital Grille
  • Limos Long Island

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  1. admin

    When Kids Wish Network first reached out to me about my daughter, and how they wanted to grant her wish I was so elated! I thought about all the tough days and the sleepless nights, the doctor visits and all the time we spent at different hospitals, and even thought about how Alyssa has to constantly have her disease on the back of her mind and I was overtaken with joy! Something, anything Alyssa wanted, a day completely for her and her alone! The thought of that hit me right in the feelings and I was just so happy to hear that Kids Wish Network was going to give Alyssa a whole wish for her to ask for anything she wanted!

    The process began when a Kids Wish Network Wish Coordinator called Alyssa to do a short interview to learn all about her and her likes, dislikes, hobbies, interests and stuff like that. I thought that was very nice that they showed the interest to take time and speak with Alyssa and ask her about her, not ask me or my husband.

    While learning about Alyssa they definitely heard her talk over and over again about theater and plays and how much joy she gets from watching others (and herself) up on stage acting and pretending to be someone completely different. Alyssa did even mention to them that she was hoping maybe one-day actually going to NYC to see a Broadway play ON THE Broadway! So we had maybe a small idea that something like that may be in the works, but we still weren’t sure until about a month later when they called us back to reveal just what exactly it was Alyssa would be doing for her once-in-a-lifetime wish!

    They called us just one afternoon to tell Alyssa that they had some exciting news to share about what her wish was going to be! They asked Alyssa, “Remember how you told us you hoped maybe one day to go to New York City to see a real-life Broadway Play ON Broadway?” “Well, we are happy to share with you that for your wish we will be sending you, you’re older brother Joseph and your mom Patricia to New York City to see Aladdin on Broadway!” Kids Wish Network also told Alyssa that we would be staying for two nights at a stunning hotel I just had to Google right after we got off the phone call called, Dream Midtown. It was actually located just right off of Broadway in Manhattan, NYC! So all of the world-class Broadway theaters were just right down the street from us, Alyssa was in heaven!

    Alyssa’s wish was to experience Broadway and she got just that! We first arrived into the city Saturday afternoon and played tourist! It was just after the Holiday season, so one of the very first things we did was go to see the Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center. From there, we just walked all over Manhattan during the day Saturday seeing the city! We made a stop at F.O.A Schwarz toy store, and posed for photos all around the Rockefeller Center with all the holiday decorations.

    At The Dream Midtown, we met the most amazing general manager named Kori, who really did go above and beyond for Alyssa! Kori was just so nice to Alyssa, making her feel like a princess from the moment we walked in the door. He and some of his fellow employees must have gone into our room before our arrival and set up some surprise goodies for Alyssa, leaving her a special personalized note for her that said, “Dear Alyssa, Welcome to New York! We hope all your New York dreams come true! From all of us here at Dream Midtown.” It was just so sweet, I even took a photo of it.

    Kori was such a nice guy, in fact the first thing he ever said to me was, “We want to make Alyssa’s trip as wonderful as possible.” We then got ready and all went downstairs of Dream Midtown to have dinner at the magical Capitol Grille which was a really neat place and Alyssa loved it!

    That was not the only magic from dinner! That night at dinner we also found at our reserved table three tickets to Broadway’s Anastasia!! Which we found out later that Kori, the hotel manager had arranged for us to receive! Alyssa was all smiles and couldn’t believe she was going to be seeing real Broadway plays ON BROADWAY!

    Sunday we were all so excited to get up and get ready so that our Limo from Limos Long Island who were just so nice and again made Alyssa just feel like a celebrity from the moment they pulled in to pick us up for the show! Both Alyssa and her brother Joseph were having so much fun posing in the Limo, getting photos, acting a little goofy, ya know just being kids riding in a Limo in the middle of Manhattan on the way to see Aladdin on Broadway…no big deal at all! It was just so neat to see the joy it was all bringing Alyssa! Looking up at the sky scrapers as we cruise through downtown.

    Limos Long Island were so gracious and so nice treating us all like royalty! Dropping us off at the front door and picking us back up in the same spot when the show was complete! After the show, Limos Long Island took us back to Dream Midtown to complete the day and concluding the wish that we would soon never forget!

    I want to thank EVERYONE who was involved with making Alyssa’s wish come true! From the first Wish Coordinator who called us to learn about Alyssa, to Kori the General Manager at Dream Midtown, even the amazing gentlemen at Limos Long Island…THANK YOU! I feel that this wish was not only the trip of a lifetime for young Alyssa and her brother Joseph, it was something that as a family, we all took part in together and I know for a fact that NO ONE will ever forget the wish that Kids Wish Network granted for Alyssa to go to NYC to see a real-life Broadway show! For a young girl who has serious passion for theater, life doesn’t get much better than that! So THANK YOU so much to everyone at Kids Wish Network for making this dream possible and thank you to all those who made our time in the Big Apple feel just like home!

    Thanks so much for making Alyssa’s once-in-a-lifetime wish come true!

    -Patricia Devivo; Alyssa Carbonelle’s mother