An Asus Gaming Laptop for Wish Kid and Computer Genius Kristian

After experiencing relentless abdominal pain, Kristian was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease, an inflammatory disease of the intestines that may lead to life-threatening complications of the digestive system. As a result, it is difficult for Kristian’s body to absorb enough nutrients to keep him well nourished. He must supplement his diet with nutritional meal replacement shakes to avoid malnutrition.

Coping with the realities of his illness has been a fierce journey for Kristian. His pain and subsequent diagnosis happened so suddenly that he wasn’t prepared for the profound impact it would have on his life or how isolated he would feel from his friends as a result of his condition. Currently homeschooled, Kristian hopes to one day attend college to study computer engineering. Intelligent and determined, Kristian is a computer genius with a love of technology and online gaming.

Kids Wish Network partnered with the Lancaster, California, WalMart Store #2951, to give Kristian his very own Asus gaming laptop. Kristian pulled up to the local WalMart in style in a limo compliments of Extravagant Limousine Service. There the store’s management presented Kristian with the laptop and so much great food from its deli the family shared it with other children in the store. The grand celebration made Kristian feel like “the star of the show”.

The wish didn’t end there. Kristian and his family continued on to Mulligan’s Family Fun Center where they enjoyed hours of arcade games. Their day ended with an amazing dinner at the Broken Bit Steakhouse.